Commissioner's Corner: Sartoris breaks down postseason scenarios

SCFA Commissioner Jim Sartoris
SCFA Commissioner Jim Sartoris

As the regular season comes to a close, the conference still has 12 teams in contention for either an out-right league championship or at least a co/tri-championship. The following is a rundown on the league races and some information concerning post-season selection and placement.

National Division – League Championships
Northern League
Long Beach (4-0) leads the way and can win an out-right championship with a win over Ventura (3-1) in the last game of the season.  Canyons (3-1) plays Bakersfield (1-3) and a win along with a LBCC loss can give them a part of a tri-championship with Ventura and LBCC.

Central League
Going into the last week of the season, Mt. SAC and Fullerton are both 3-1 and play for the league championship next Saturday.

Southern League
Riverside and Saddleback both are perfect in league (4-0) and meet for the championship next Saturday.  Both have 9-0 overall season records and seek an undefeated season.

American Division- League Championships
Metro League
Chaffey (6-0), with a bye in the last week of the season, has completed a perfect undefeated season (10-0) and will be champions of the Metro League and as such, they will be an automatic qualifier to a Bowl Game.

Mountain League
San Bernardino Valley (4-0) has clinched a co-championship, but a win over Desert (0-4) gives them an out-right League title. If they lose and Antelope Valley (3-1) beats Victory Valley, then SBVC and AVC would be co-champions.  SBVC would win the head-to-head tie-breaker for post-season selection purposes.

Pacific League
Allan Hancock (4-0) can win an out-right championship with a win over LA Harbor (2-2) in the last game. A Hancock loss to LA Harbor and a Pasadena City (3-1) win over Santa Barbara (2-2) would result in the Hancock-Pasadena co-championship.   Hancock would win the head-to-head tie-breaker for post-season selection purposes.

Power Ranking Formula
Before the 2018 season started, a Power Ranking Formula was approved.  The formula was recommended by the SCFA Competition Committee and approved by the SCFA Executive Committee.

Season records will be used to rank each team.  The National Division teams will be ranked on their entire 10-game regular season win/loss record.  The American Division teams will be ranked on their 9-game American division record (their crossover game with a National team will not be calculated).

A tie breaking system will be employed - which considers first head-to-head record and then a point system will be used in calculating wins over teams with .500 records or better.  Additional tie-breaking procedures will be employed if needed.

Playoff and Bowl Game Selection Process
On Sunday, Nov. 17, the Playoff/Bowl Game Selection Committee meets to verify the qualifiers to the Regional Playoffs and to select the Bowl Game participants.  The committee consists of the President and VP of the CCCFCA, the MC Football Rep, the Executive Director of the CCCFCA and the NCFC and SCFA Commissioners.

The selection and seeding process is defined in the Football Championship Handbook. For Regional Playoffs, the National Division League champions will be seeded using the RPI ranking and At-Large National team(s)will be selected using the RPI rankings to fill out the bracket.  For Bowl games, the committee uses the RPI rankings and the provisions of the handbook to assign bowl game matchups. Three of the bowls will be filled with National Division Teams and two of the bowls will be filled with American Division teams as prescribed by the Football Championship Handbook.